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دبل رولر ماني صب (سيراميك) كامل مع الربلات

تواصل معنا واسأل عن طريقة التركيب ، وكذلك رسوم التركيب لدينا ٥دك 


Product Description

 After more than three years of intense research and development, Mannysub  is excited to launch for 2019 the all new Premium Edition Mannysub Double Roller Powerhead kit.

The new inline design is slim profile, light weight, functional, solidly constructed, and most importantly, accurate, powerful and easy to  use.

This revolutionary inline design allows the rubbers to hug the barrel in a tight and circular way for a low profile fit.

This drastically reduces drag and bulk compared to other side-by-side or partly-offset double roller designs.

This makes it one of the neatest and lowest-profile double roller designs on the market.

The Mannysub Double Roller Powerhead  allows extremely powerful setups with very low recoil.

With 2x14mm rubbers it will launch an 8mm shaft at exceptionally high velocity. With 2x15mm small ID or 2 x16mm progressive rubbers, it will drive an 8.5mm shaft at very high speed on spearguns ranging from 100 to 140 cm.  A 7.5mm spear shaft can also be used with reduced pre-tension on 14mm rubbers

These setups will satisfy even the most demanding spearo.

With the instructions provided with the kit it’s easy to assemble and  rig correctly ready for use.

The Mannysub Double Roller Powerhead  is best suited for hunting large pelagics like Tuna, Billfish, Wahoo, Cobia, Kingfish, and any heavily-armoured reef fish at long range.

The Mannysub Double  Roller Powerhead is available in a choice of four colours and it comes with several adapters and two different track heights to suit any brand of railgun.

Select HIGH for rail tracks between 3.5-5 mm high, and  LOW for rail tracks on barrels 2.5 mm high like Rob Allen railguns and similar.

The lightweight 2mm carbon fibre brackets can be turned inside out to swap between glossy  carbon finish (standard) to matte-carbon finish to match the kind of carbon barrel you are using.

The new double-roller muzzle features a built-in anchor point for a bungee line and a  3.2 mm  reel-line guide, along with an easy and fast left or right loading system

The PREMIUM EDITION KIT includes 3 important upgrades:

Full ceramic bearings (8 in total, 2 per wheel). This upgrade will make it easier to load, while adding extra power, smoothness, and reliability. We are so confident in these bearings that we offer a LIFE TIME WARRANTY.

Small-ID Rubbers This kit is packed together with our exclusive red reactive small-ID rubbers. These new rubbers performed beyond our expectations. With a small-1mm ID hole these reactive rubbers pack greater punch for their  given diameter.

 Full-carbon side brackets (2mm thick) to protect rollers and bearings from impacts.

The Mannysub Double-Roller Powerhead kit package includes: the double-roller muzzle with ceramic bearings, an adapter, anchors, 3 different types of Dyneema, rubbers, mounting screws and an easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions with very detailed pictures and explanations  to complete the installation properly for any carbon or aluminium railgun, European handles with a side line release, or South African handles with an underneath line release either with or without a reel mounted.


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