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سنجل رولر ماني صب (سيراميك) كامل مع الربلات

تواصل معنا واسأل عن طريقة التركيب ، وكذلك رسوم التركيب لدينا ٥دك 


Product Description

From the leading and most experienced roller manufacturer in world we are very excited to add the Premium edition roller power head kit ceramic to our range.

This kit offers all the latest high tech components  to make the best roller conversion kit even better.

If you are looking for the very best roller kit to turn your gun into a very powerful gun with smooth power and no recoil, we are confident this kit will satisfy the most demanding spearo.

The new kit includes 3 important upgrades:

Full ceramic bearings (4 in total / 2 per wheel) This  upgrade will make it easier to load, add  extra power, smoothness, and extra reliability. We are so confident in these bearings that we offer a LIFE TIME WARRANTY

Small ID Rubbers This kit is packed together with our exclusive red reactive small ID rubbers. These new rubbers performed  beyond our expectations. With a small 1 mm ID hole these reactive  rubbers pack greater punch for their given diameter.

 Full carbon side brackets 2mm thick to protect rollers and bearings from impacts

A lot of research and development has gone into the latest version of the roller power head kit. Simplicity and functionality have been the key focus of this project.

The new design brings several improvements: one-piece 40% glass-filled nylon design, light-weight carbon-fibre side plates, built-in anchor point for a bungee line with a 2.5 mm reel-line guide, along with an easy and fast loading system. These refinements make the Roller Power Head the most popular roller conversion kit available in the market.

The new ceramic bearings are smooth and low-friction for maximum power transfer. Made from full ceramic, with encapsulated ceramic balls to stop sand and salt-water damage, these bearings are virtually maintenance free, just a rinse of fresh water and thats it ! These bearings come with a full life time warranty.

By eliminating recoil and generating more than double the power for a given barrel length, a Roller Power Head offers greater accuracy, penetration, range and manoeuvrability.

A speargun equipped with the Roller Power Head uses 100% of the barrel length to propel the spear. Along with pre-tensioned rubbers and a greater rubber-stretch to spear-weight ratio yield significantly more power. Tests show a speargun with a Roller Power Head and a single 16 mm rubber setup correctly will outperform a traditional speargun of the same size, with  double 16 mm rubber.

Any Euro/South African speargun with a cylindrical removable muzzle can be converted into a roller speargun with this system.

The Premium edition roller power head kit ceramic is available in black and comes with the choice 14.3,15, 16 or 18 mm small ID rubbers, one adapter, three different types of dyneema lines for the installation, stainless fittings and easy- to-follow in-depth rigging instructions.

Two wraps of shooting line is recommended when using 16 & 18 mm rubbers.

For optimum results this kit is best suited for spearguns ranging in size from 80 to 110 cm, although it can work exceptionally well on 120 and 130 cm spearguns if setup correctly.


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