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The Owner Cultiva SJ-51TG is a Cutting Point, titanium-coated

super heavy-gauge hook used for assist hook rigging, as well as

rigging on minnows and GT poppers.

Unique to each Owner Cutting Point ™ hook is the tripple-edged

cutting blade led by a needle-sharp point that never needs

sharpening. The point grabs quickly, and as it begins to penetrate,

the three cutting edges slice their way through the toughest

scales, cartilage and even jaw bones for a positive, effortless hook

set. This is their main difference with hooks SJ-41 which are

equipped with needle point (The needle point is ground on all

sides so as to get a conical shape).

The welded eye offers no sharp edges to fray rigging cord and the

eye is offset back a few degrees to allow a straight line of pull

when the cord is knotted to the shank.

This hook also suits live-baiting, as it is super strong for a short

shank hook. The high-gloss titanium finish coupled with the

Cutting Point makes this hook penetrate very easily for a heavy.

gauge, meaning it sticks where it touches and will sink with

minimal line pressure.

Technical Characteristics

Short shank

Welded eye

Forged shank

Titanium finish

SJ41 Needle point XH wire

SJ51 Cutting point XXH wire

Cultiva jigging hook

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