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This is the Crazee Shore Jigging rod series by Alpha Tackle. They cover many targets with the most versatile 9 & 10 feet, MH & H action.


Length9feet 2.74m

Transport Length 1.41m

Section. 2

Casting Weight 45g

Max Drag. 4kg


For Shore Jigging enthusiasts, Japanese company Alpha Tackle developed one of the most versatile and easy to use rods. Light in weight, well balanced and easy to handle will allow you to cast lures and jigs all day if you want. They posess casting abilities that will explode your tackle even against the wind. Another element you will notice is the way they transfer motion from the tip of your rod to the lure, allowing them to unleash their potential and increase the hook sets. One jerk and the right amount of motion will be transmitted to your lure and make it feel alive.

A Crazee Shore Jigging rod will never let you down during battle as it encompasses strength and progressive action that tires the fish, without tearing it apart. At the same time it reserves strength to handle prey that can not be handled.

MH Models

The MH models are suitable for Shore Jigging, when using jigs between 28 and 40


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