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High quality Lab-Made Taras carbon fins, featuring the revolutionary Dynamic Resonance System from Cetma Composite and 100% Prepreg IM7 carbon fiber blades.

The Taras blades are tuned to specific natural frequencies which allow the blades to resonate with the freedivers kicks underwater, providing outrageously efficient energy conversion with absolutely minimal effort and are optimized through Finite Element Softwares (FEM) process - allowing optimal distribution of stiffness throughout the blades, ensuring ultra hydrodynamic deformation of the blade during use. These fins were developed and tested in collaboration with Michele Giurgola, who's signature is also featured on blades.

The Taras blades are designed with a blade angle of 27 degrees for optimal performance and variable blade rigidity (3-D Design) which maximizes energy conversion and propulsion efficiency, supplying the freediver with unmatched power and performance.

Variable width blade rails allow higher stability and better handling underwater. Supplied with innovative Cetma composites Taras custom cast rubber foot pockets for superior grip and energy transfer with each kick.

These high end carbon fins are the result of Cetma Composites engineering approach to the development and manufacturing process of freediving fins, coupled with years of material studies and experience in the design of composite materials for the aerospace and automotive industries.

Blade Dimensions: ~ 65 x 18.5 cm / 25.6 x 7.3 inch


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